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              OUR MISSION: What drives us? Making a difference in safety and disaster readiness by providing practical products, experienced training, and expert support.

              DQE Emergency Preparedness


              Since 1990, DQE has led the way with our practical approach to emergency preparedness. Our team of safety experts is one of the best in the industry, bringing their experience, passion, and knowledge in various fields of health & safety, emergency management & response, and product & educational services design.

              These innovative solutions, proudly made in the USA, highlight DQE’s capabilities.


              NanoBio Protect Nasal Antiseptic

              DQE Adds NanoBio Protect Nasal Antiseptic to Infection Control Protection Line

              Healthcare and public safety workers are in constant contact with unknown pathogens out in our community, including COVID-19. Actions like frequent handwashing, wearing a protective mask, and using hand sanitizers are all important infection control practices that add layers of protection to prevent illness. The nose is a key entry point for most respiratory infections, so using a nasal antiseptic adds another layer of safety.
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              Fauci Says Eye Protection Can Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

              During an interview with ABC News medical correspondent Jennifer Ashton, Fauci was asked whether the U.S. would one day recommend eye protection, such as face shields, due to the pandemic. Dr. Anthony Fauci responds, “If you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it. It’s not universally recommended, but if you really want to be complete, you should probably use it if you can.”
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              Guidance in Emergency Preparedness

              Healthcare emergency preparedness services for hospitals and long term care facilities.

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